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Photo frame diagonal adhesive 8550

This product is a polyvinyl acetate emulsion copolymerization modification, anti creep, impact resistance, fast drying characteristics, high bonding strength, through the Chinese environmental label product certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification for the "double green" products.
Appearance: milky white viscous liquid
Viscosity: 80000 + 10000cps (25 DEG C)
Solid content: 45 + 2%
PH value: 6 + 1
Bond strength: wood fiber failure

The minimum film forming temperature: less than or equal to 5 DEG C

Implementation standards:
HG/T 2727-2010, GB18583-2008
The main diagonal is suitable for wood frame, and box, gift boxes and other 45 degrees high difficulty bonding.
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