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General coating adhesive TZ050

This product is a water-soluble polyvinyl acetate copolymer emulsion adhesive, appearance is uniform white without visible colloidal particles, good fluidity, strong adhesion, the coating formed by calcium carbonate mixed with strong adhesion, easy to scratch, moderate hardness, easy sanding, drying after coating cracking, bubbling, smooth surface.
Appearance: milky white viscous liquid
Viscosity: 65000 + 5000CPS (25 DEG C)
Solid content: 26 + 2%
PH value: 6 + 1
The compression shear strength (dry): 8Mpa
The minimum film forming temperature: less than or equal to 5 DEG C
Implementation standards:
GB 18583-2008

1. suitable for door panels, decorative wood line, fence, anchor line, line, frame lines, shutters paste;
2., apply to canvas surface coating, wood relief extrusion molding process;
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