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Hot pressed veneer gum 8247(white glue)

(white glue)
This product is based on fatty resin as the main raw material of D2 class high quality water-based adhesive, it has excellent water, solvent, high strength, wood veneer does not blister good performance. At the same time, it has a long opening time and a slow drying, which is convenient for veneer paving, but the drying speed is faster than the traditional white latex and urea formaldehyde adhesive, and the production efficiency is improved obviously.
Appearance: pale yellow, uniform liquid
Viscosity: 20000 + 5000cps (25 DEG C)
Solid content: 50 + 2%
PH value: 6 + 1
The compression shear strength (dry): 9.8Mpa
The minimum film forming temperature: less than or equal to 7 DEG C
Implementation standards:
HG/T2727-2010 GB 18583-2008
The utility model is especially suitable for the hot pressing veneer with various thicknesses of 30 or more silk veneers, and is an environment-friendly green substitute of the traditional white latex and urea formaldehyde glue
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