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Yellow glue 8282(white glue)

(white glue)
1. high content, high strength;
2., creep resistance, solvent resistance, good weather resistance;
3., do not add formaldehyde and other harmful substances;
4. water resistant grade up to European EN204 D2 standard.
Appearance: pale yellow viscous liquid;
PH value: 5.5-6.5;
Viscosity: 15000-25000CPS (25 DEG C);
Solid content: 46-52%
Applicable to the common hard wood (birch, rubber wood, teak, cedar, beech, ash, oak and so on) components of the high-frequency assembly, finger joint splicing, etc..
Mainly used for solid wood furniture, dining tables and chairs, display cabinets, speakers and other assembly, tenon, finger joint. .

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