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Edge sealing special for skirting line

1., this product is specially designed for the rapid installation and bonding of skirting boards. It is a water environmental innovative product
2., with strong initial adhesion, positioning blocks, no smell, convenient construction
3., excellent weather resistance and durability, and its performance is far beyond glass adhesive, nail free glue, and other solvent based adhesives
Appearance: pale yellow viscous liquid;
PH value: 6.0-7.0;
Viscosity: 100000 + 5000CPS (25 DEG C);
Solid content: 60 + 2%
1. used in wooden, PVC, wood plastic, aluminum alloy, ceramic tile and other materials of skirting line, fast installation and bonding
2. for the quick installation Mentao line in adhesive
3. used in building decoration, decorative panels, floors, plastics, metals, ceramics, gypsum board and other decorative materials and wall surface and porous base surface of the rapid installation of adhesive
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