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How many kinds of adhesive with each one has his good points

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People see "adhesive" these three words, most of the first thought is glue. Yes, indeed the glue is a member of the big family of adhesive, but the adhesive product variety, wide application range, and with our family decoration are inseparable, these are not everyone know, here in Suqian home network Xiaobian introduce home decoration supplies about adhesive in the family.
How many kinds of adhesive with each one has his good points
Tile adhesive strength of tile adhesive, designed for tile paste and the design and manufacture, is a kind of cement based adhesive added mineral materials and organic additives, is widely used in indoor and outdoor ceramic tiles, ceramic mosaic and stone of the shallow layer and paste, hydrophobic and pointing function.
It is worth mentioning that, in the traditional construction process, the average thickness of mortar paste tiles in more than 1.5 cm; using thin stick pasting tiles, tile paste can be completed at 0.3 cm in thickness, saving labor and material, the wall becomes thinner, more save us out of the room space.
Tile Goufeng agents of a new generation of ceramic tile decoration accessories - color sealant, white cement tile is different from traditional methods: first, selection of various kinds of colors and arbitrary depth, can basically meet the needs of the family decoration color, make holes and tiles match the colours appear coordinated. Secondly, with mothproof function, need not worry about the climate and environment will have an impact on the wall. At the same time, the color of the utility model has the advantages of strong fixation force, long lasting resistance, wear resistance, no alkali, no shrinkage and no powder, and solves the problem that the gap of the ceramic tile is not firmly adhered and can not fade or fall off easily. In addition, from the operation point of view, it is also more convenient. Just fill the filling agent with the right amount of water and mix it like a batch of cement. Insert the ceramic tile into the seam and press it tightly. After the curing, wipe off the superfluous material on the tile surface.
Waterproof mortar kitchen and toilet because of frequent exposure to water will be a little careless seepage problems, if the seepage effect of water vapor in the tile will cause the drum, dropping and cracking, if leakage downstairs will cause unnecessary disputes of neighborhood conflicts. Solve these annoying problems is actually very simple, you only need to decorate in the water seepage easily on the wall or ground, with waterproof material can be solved.
High quality waterproof mortar is polymer modified cement-based waterproof coating has the advantages of convenient operation and construction, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, breathable waterproof, strong adhesion and so on, as the household waterproof material is the most suits.
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