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[news] where, the top vertical doors to pointing Jiangshan big coffee together Jiangshan event

Time:2017/7/31 Author:Lixin new material View:6126
In July 29, 2017, sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Industry Association, wood coatings, Clivia Fuhuang title, top of a new material sponsors of the 2017 second China door and custom Home Furnishing industry chain trade conference held in Zhejiang Quzhou jiangshan. Mr. Zhou Runyang, President of Lixin new materials and Mr. Huang Ping, general manager of marketing department, attended the meeting and held a new exhibition of non formaldehyde wood glue products in the venue.

Meeting site

This year, Chinas door industry and customized home industry chain conference attracted the whole nations wooden door industry big coffee people, it can be described as a group of businessmen gathered, the audience gathered. Wooden door associations, wooden door enterprises, household enterprises, adhesive enterprises, paint enterprises, building materials enterprises and media representatives from all parts of the country have been dressed up and attended. All the elites speak freely about the new technology and new ideas of the wooden door industry, and create an interactive and good communication environment.

Off show

In the outdoor exhibition, the booth also attracted the attention of many industries. Chairman, Zhejiang Industry Association Chairman Mr. Yu Jingyuan and Wenzhou Mengtian wooden Custom Furniture Chamber of Commerce many entrepreneurs gathered to understand etc. Dingli formaldehyde free wood adhesive products and its properties, application scope.
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