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Market outlook for waterborne adhesives

Time:2017/7/17 Author: View:4334
Usually natural and soluble synthetic polymers used in making water based adhesives. Aqueous polymers are soluble and their moisture resistance is limited, while some vegetable polymers are insoluble and therefore provide extended moisture resistance. The advantage of using water-based adhesives is that they increase solid content, high initial viscosity, and low solvent content, so they are more environmentally friendly.
On the basis of application, the water adhesive market is divided into book binding, packing bag, adhesive tape, paper lamination, floor and building, etc.. Based on the product type, the water binder market is divided into latex, PVA, acrylic, EVA and PU classes. Markets include Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and africa.
A major factor in the market for waterborne adhesives is the growing demand for the packaging industry. Due to heat resistance and chemical resistance, they are used in packaging tapes, flexible laminates, label applications, office tape and food packaging. Because water-based adhesives are essentially non reactive, they are preferred in the food packaging industry. The automotive industry is growing rapidly, and water-based adhesives are being used in car interiors to help boost the market. Progress in the production of water-based adhesives and bio based water-based adhesives provides enormous opportunities for market growth. Because aqueous adhesives have properties such as high solids content, high adhesiveness, low toxicity, and environmental protection, they are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The factors that impede market growth are its complex compounding methods. Compared with the solvent adhesive, the preparation process of the aqueous binder is very complicated.
The Asia Pacific region is the major market for waterborne adhesives due to the growth of the automotive, packaging and construction industries. Developing countries such as India, Brazil and China are driven by the automobile industry to promote the development of waterborne adhesives market. In addition to the dominant market, the Asia Pacific region is also the largest producer of water-based adhesives. China is the country that owns most of the manufacturing plants, because of the availability of raw materials and low production costs. North America ranks second in the growth of water-borne adhesives market. The demand for water-based adhesives is mainly in the packaging and automotive industries. Europe ranks third in the market for consumption, but ranks second in the production of waterborne adhesives. European environmental agencies support the use of water-based adhesives because they are less harmful to the environment.
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